Removing benign moles – what’s involved?

Most people develop moles on their skin, and unusual looking moles are very common.  If you’ve got a mole which you’re worried about, such as one which has grown or changed appearance, it’s best to get it checked out.  A quick appointment with your GP will help to set your mind at rest or begin the process of further investigation if your doctor thinks it’s of concern.

According to NICE guidelines, moles which require further investigation by a specialist consultant are those which have altered size, colour or shape as well as moles which are 7mm or more across in any direction, are inflamed, oozing or bleeding or which feature a change in sensation, such as itching or pain.

Thousands of people go to their GP each year with concerns about moles.  Fortunately, most turn out to be benign. If you are diagnosed with a benign mole you may prefer to have it removed although, generally speaking, the NHS will not fund the operation as it’s classed as cosmetic surgery.  That’s why we now offer this relatively quick and simple procedure at our specialist cosmetic surgery clinic in Manchester.

If you would like to have your mole removed, all you have to do is make an appointment to meet our specialist consultant Mr Goodwin who carries out all our mole removal procedures.  Mr Goodwin will examine the mole and talk to you about what’s involved in the procedure, enabling you to ask lots of questions so that you can make an informed decision about whether mole removal is right for you.

If you do then decide to go ahead with your mole removal procedure, you’ll attend as a day patient which means you won’t need to stay overnight.  The procedure involves a local anaesthetic to numb the mole and surrounding area before it is removed.  We’ll then send it away to be tested to ensure that there really is nothing more to worry about – your results will usually be available within 5 working days.  You’ll be offered a follow up appointment with Mr Goodwin who will check that the affected area is healing correctly.


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