Post-operative Care - Ear Correction

The following guidelines are to help patients who have undergone corrective ear surgery (pinnaplasty or otoplasty).

  1. The nurse in the out-patient clinic will remove your bandage. There is usually no pain after your bandage has been taken off and the procedure only takes a few minutes.
  2. You will be prescribed a course of antibiotics for 5 to 7 days following the operation. You will also be prescribed painkillers to take home.
  3. The bruising and swelling are normal following your operation and will gradually settle down within 2-3 weeks.
  4. The dissolvable stitches do not need to be removed. They will usually have disappeared on their own about 6 weeks after your operation.
  5. Sometimes you may complain of feeling light-headed after the bandage has been taken off. This will quickly pass and there are usually no side effects from this.
  6. You will always have a scar behind their ears and this will look like a thin line. It is important that you protect your ears from the sun as this new scar will be sensitive to sunlight for about a year. It will help if you use a sun protection cream for at least 12 months as new scars tend to burn.
  7. Once the bandage has been taken off you can wash your hair. This will help to keep the ears clean and free from infection.
  8. You can go back to playing sports but need to avoid contact sports for at least 1 month. Ear cartilage needs time to heal and mature in its new position. If the ears are knocked they will become painful and sore. Wearing a sweatband during sports will help to protect the ears. This needs to be worn for about a month.
  9. It is important to protect your ears at night to help stop any damage to the ears. We advise that you wear a sweatband or a bandage at night for 1 month, or until the bruising and swelling have settled.

You should contact us if any of the following occur:

  • Fever greater than 100 F or 38.5 C.
  • Pain not relieved by two pain relieving tablets.
  • Significant swelling or bleeding from the ear.
  • Significant discharge from the wound sites after 72 hours.

MONDAY to FRIDAY ON 0161-232-2670/ 0161-232-2680 OR OUT OF HOURS IN AN EMERGENCY