It is very difficult to give you a wholly accurate idea of the cost of your surgery until I have met you and fully assessed your needs and goals. Our guide fee table, which can be downloaded below, should give a reasonable idea of the range of prices for the most common operations and covers the spectrum of most of the bigger operations, such as Abdominoplasty and Facelift.

Your initial consultation will be focussed on establishing exactly which procedure should suit you and at the end of it you will be given an exact quote which will cover all treatment, appointments and re-admissions or revisions, should that be necessary.

Your second consultation is for a more detailed planning, often including a 3D imaging assessment and simulation of outcome, as well as preparation for the day itself. This appointment costs £150 (see right hand column) and is included in the cost of your treatment. If you are considering multiple procedures, please remember that the second and third procedure have significant reductions in the fees applied to them, so it won’t cost as much as if you just added these prices up.

These calculations will also be done for you at your consultation so that you know exactly what the full package costs.

There are no hidden costs- what you get given at your consultation is all you pay. I hope you find this helpful.

James Murphy

DOWNLOAD – Cosmetic Surgery Fee Guide – 2016

GADC = general anaesthetic day case (you have a bed for the day but go home on the day of your procedure)

OPLA= outpatient local anaesthetic (you ‘walk in and walk out’, like going to the dentist)