Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester and the North West

If you’re considering cosmetic or plastic surgery, this website will give you information about more commonly performed surgical procedures, all of which are offered by Mr Murphy & Associates. For the very latest information, also visit our new Manchester cosmetic surgery website at

How to choose your surgeon?
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Mr Murphy

Mr Murphy runs a comprehensive plastic and cosmetic surgery practice. He is a consultant at the new Spire Hospital Manchester in Didsbury where he also operates.

He provides cosmetic and plastic surgery to the highest professional standards.

For more information on any of the procedures listed here, contact our Practice Manager, Sue Hinchcliffe, on 0161 447 6617 or click here to email.

Mr Goodwin

Adam Goodwin - Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, ManchesterMr Goodwin joined Mr Murphy’s practice in 2016. He is a consultant plastic surgeon specializing in all aspects of both surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation, including Botox, lip and face fillers.

Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery can improve and/or restore the appearance and function of areas of the body. There are two broad categories: reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. However, many procedures combine elements of both; and the same techniques apply to the restoration or improvement of both form and function.

See a Specialist

James Murphy, Cosmetic Surgeon - RealSelf Top DoctorIf you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery, it’s vital that you get impartial and professional advice from an experienced and qualified surgeon. Cosmetic surgery treatment should include a detailed preoperative discussion on suitability, results, complications and recovery time. High quality care demands a team approach with surgical, anaesthetic and nursing expertise. This should be provided in a hospital environment with appropriate facilities, support and infrastructure.


From January 2017, we will be based at the new Spire Hospital Manchester in Didsbury, see Contact page for full details.

Our new direct line telephone number is 0161 447 6617

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