What does ‘facial rejuvenation’ actually mean?

No matter how well you look after yourself it’s impossible to prevent the signs of ageing, especially on the face.

The effects of gravity mean that sooner or later everyone starts to experience a few lines and wrinkles which inevitably worsen over time and make you look older.

It often starts with a minute hint of crow’s feet around the eyes and progresses to a furrowed brow, lines across the forehead and indentations between the nose and the mouth.  You may find these lines used to disappear when you stopped laughing (or scowling) but are now a permanent feature of your face.

The ageing process can be cruel and indiscriminate. Only a few people blessed with ‘good genes’ manage to get older while retaining their youthful appearance!  The rest of us either have to accept and make the best of what we’ve got, or seek a bit of help.

However, fortunately for the latter, there are a number of options, all of which come under the term ‘facial rejuvenation’.

Facial rejuvenation encapsulates all the procedures which are available to help reduce the impact of the facial ageing process, including cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures.  The right approach for you will depend upon the particular problem you want to solve.  It may be that one procedure gives the result you’re looking for, or you may prefer a combination of procedures.

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

  • Botox – to remove fine lines and wrinkles from various parts of the face, the most common areas for Botox treatment include the area around the eyes, nose to mouth and forehead. To find out more, read our Botox FAQ article.
  • Dermal fillers for the face and lips – to help plump out the skin to give it a more youthful appearance.

These procedures involve a short visit to our cosmetic surgery practice in Manchester and, although you’ll need to take it easy for a few hours to allow your body to recover, you’ll be able to return home the same day so no overnight stay will be required.

These can be great solutions with immediate impact, although the effects will wear off over time so further treatment will be necessary in the future.

Surgical facial rejuvenation procedures

Surgical options include:

One or a combination of these procedures usually gives a pleasing result which lasts for a long time.

Naturally, these treatment options are more involved – all surgery carries risks, you can take a look at our information pages on surgical procedures and non-surgical procedures for more information.  With cosmetic surgery, you should expect to have to stay overnight at our hospital and then take it easy in the days and weeks afterwards to ensure a good recovery.  You can find out more about how to prepare for surgery in this article .

If you would like to explore our facial rejuvenation options – surgical or non-surgical – the first thing to do is make an appointment to see either Mr Murphy or Mr Goodwin who will be able to examine your face and make a good assessment of the results that can be achieved.  During this consultation you will be told about what’s involved in the procedure you’re considering undergoing and will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

What to do next

Read more about our surgical and non-surgical procedures or get in touch to arrange an informal, no obligation consultation.


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