Updated PIP Breast Implants Advice

Previous Patients of Mr Murphy:

Patients with breast implants have been advised to contact their surgeons to identify the type of implants that were used in their surgery. I would like to reassure all my patients that I have never used PIP breast implants.

I have always been concerned to ensure that all products I use are of the highest quality and had previously assessed and rejected PIP implants as poorly manufactured products, with the potential for high rupture rate.

If you are concerned that you have, or may have, PIP implants from another surgeon or clinic, please see the advice below

Patients with PIP implants:

Should you have any friends who have undergone breast implant surgery elsewhere, and are concerned about the safety issues the advice is simple :

  •     Contact your surgeon or surgical provider to identify your implant manufacturer
  •     Any patient who has had a PIP implant used since 2005 should see a surgeon and have an ultrasound examination performed
  •     If the ultrasound shows signs of rupture, or if there is any evidence of silicone within the tissues then the implants should be replaced
  •     If there is no sign of rupture then the patients should be reviewed on an annual basis

I am happy to see any concerned patients and provide advice. I have set up a number of clinics where I will see and assess patients free of charge.

Should anyone wish to find out more about these clinics, they can call my Practice Manager, Sue Hinchcliffe, on 0161 232 2670.

The Problem with PIP implants:

The latest information from French Society of Plastic Surgery (SOFCPRE) warns of two concerns with the PIP breast implants. The first problem is that the manufacturing company seem to have dispensed with part of the protective barrier around the gel, leading to a weaker implant that is more liable to rupture. The second concern is that the gel inside the implant is not the gel that the company was issued a license to use. The French regulatory authority who issued the license to the company are still undertaking tests on the gel in an attempt to determine whether the gel presents a health risk.

Update 18th June 2012

The UK government has recently conducted a review of PIP breast implants removed by UK surgeons and published the results of this on 18th June 2012. It is quite extensive in its wording but essentially finds an absence of evidence that the silicone is directly harmful to patients. There was a significant increase in the observed rupture rate, which has certainly been borne out in my practice and the report goes on to advise patients, GPs and surgeons as to the best course of action when dealing with these inferior products. Full details of the report from the Royal College of Surgeons can be downloaded here : RCS PIP Statement, but the best, individual advice patients can get is by discussing their case with a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon.


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