Moob Jobs and Boob Jobs on the Rise

It’s no surprise that men seeking cosmetic surgery to reduce their ‘moobs’ (or man boobs) and women seeking to enlarge their breasts are on the increase.  Here in my practice in Manchester, I have gradually seen a rise in enquiries for Gynaecomastia (male breast reduction or moob jobs), rhinoplasty (in both sexes) and Breast augmentation (or boob jobs), which continues to be the most popular procedure for women in the UK.

As a member of BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) we are obliged to submit our figures on annual basis for scrutiny by our colleagues and this year’s National Audit has revealed some interesting highlights in Cosmetic Surgery:

Women had 34,413 procedures in 2010, up from 32,859 (an increase of 5%) but interest in male surgery increased by 7% rise overall (from 3,623 last year)

Breast augmentation (or boob jobs) remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, showing a significant growth of over 10% (9,418 breast augmentations were performed in 2010)

Facelifts proved popular with both men and women, with an average rise of 12% for both genders

‘Man boob’ ops or Gynaecomastia rose from 3rd most common procedure among males to 2nd, rising an impressive 28% in 2010 from 581 to 741 ops

Male brow lifts and male nose jobs (‘Rhinoplasty’) both rose quite considerably (up 13%), from 109 to 123 and 877 to 993 respectively – in fact brow lifts went up from being the 7th most common procedure for men, to 5th place in 2010

Nose jobs proved popular with both sexes, increasing by nearly 10% combined overall

The only procedures to decrease were tummy tucks (Abdominoplasty), which was down 7.5% and pinning back prominent ears (Otoplasty), down 17%

It seems while men seek a slimmer look, women are after a voluptuous hour glass shape, made again popular by Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, who has an impressive bustline.


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