5 questions to ask before you undergo Botox

Botox is one of the most popular ways to rejuvenate the face as it improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the need for surgery.

It’s now part of a range of anti ageing treatments offered for people looking for cosmetic surgery in Manchester by UK trained plastic surgeon Adam Goodwin.

Adam has performed Botox for hundreds of patients over the past six years. During that time he has seen variable results by other Botox practitioners from excellent to very poor. He offers a specialist service if you have had problems or have been unhappy with a previous or recent Botox experience.

Here he explains five key questions you should ask when choosing a Botox clinic.

  1. What are their qualifications?

What many people do not realise is that there is very little regulation at present for people who offer Botox treatment.  Practitioners can undertake a short, basic training then advertise themselves as Botox specialists.  This is why there are lots of beauty salons which offer Botox. I would always recommend that you work with someone who has been medically trained as they have a greater depth of knowledge and experience.  Plastic surgeons not only understand Botox but also have a range of techniques when Botox isn’t the answer to your facial ageing.

  1. How many times have they administered Botox on real patients?

You need to know that you’re not a guinea pig.  Choose a Botox specialist who has worked with 100+ patients, as they will have experience in how to get the best results. In any aspect of aesthetic medicine or surgery experience counts for a lot!

  1. What are the risks?

It’s really important to work with someone who doesn’t push you into making a decision to have Botox by glossing over the risks.  While Botox is a relatively straightforward procedure, there are things that could go wrong. For example, too much Botox can leave you with that ‘Frozen’ look.  Or if the Botox is injected into the wrong areas, your face can look ‘unbalanced’.  If you have had problems like this before then seek someone who has seen such problems before and understands how to put them right or avoid them in the future.

A professional, medically-trained practitioner will be proactive about informing you of the risks and talking to you about how they are mitigated, but will not try to persuade you either way.  Instead, they would give you the information so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

  1. Does the clinic give you confidence?

Trust your instincts.  If the clinic doesn’t look established, clean or organised, walk away.  I’m strongly in favour of regulation to ensure that Botox can only be administered by medically-trained professionals in regulated medical surgeries where standards have to be exceptionally high.  Unfortunately, at present, Botox clinics are not subject to the same regulation so it’s up to the patient to be discerning.

  1. Is the price right?

While it’s always tempting to try to save money, Botox treatment should cost you between £180 and £300. If it looks like you’re getting a bargain, beware.  Cheap Botox could mean your practitioner is inexperienced and poorly qualified.


To find out more about our Botox clinics in Manchester or if you have had problems with Botox or fillers before, please get in touch to arrange an informal consultation with Mr Goodwin.  You may also like to read our Botox Q&A.




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